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Tommy Edney - Fiance Of Danielle Armstrong - FUE Hair Transplant Treatment - British Hair Clinic

Tommy Edney says Danielle Armstrong ‘Doesn’t want a bald man walking down the aisle’

Tommy Edney, fiancé to Danielle Armstrong has said that ‘he doesn’t want to walk Danielle down the aisle as a bald man’. Tommy was recently driven to the British Hair Clinic by Danielle to undergo further hair transplant surgery on his balding crown.

Having been delighted with his hairline transplant couple of years ago, Tommy has continued to have further hair loss elsewhere in his crown and mid-scalp so sought to rectify that before his big day. Both Tommy and Danielle Armstrong were already thrilled with the amazing results of his FUE hairline transplant at the British Hair Clinic two years ago.

Tommy Edney - FUE Hairline Transplant Treatment - British Hair Clinic

Tommy Edney’s FUE Hairline Transplant

Danielle teased Tommy on the way, asking whether he has nervous and jokingly mocked his hair loss as she celebrated their one year anniversary. She added, ‘like most men, hair is very important to Tommy so I’m fully supporting him having a fuller hairline and also having crown covered’.

Tommy was operated on by celebrity surgeon, Dr Zabeeh who has treated a number of celebrities at the British Hair Clinic including Neil Razor Ruddock, boxor Connor Benn, EastEnders’ Michael ‘Beppe’ Greco and Love Island winner Nathan Massey in the recent past. Dr Zabeeh said that ‘Tommy had an FUE hair transplant procedure with us a few years ago for his hairline. It has grown really well since but he continued to lose hair elsewhere. We had always planned he would need two surgeries, second one for his crown and mid-scalp area as his hair loss was likely to continue. I am confident as he looks after his hair, the crown shall also grow as well as expected and he can walk down the aisle a confident man’.

FUE Hair Transplant's At The British Hair Clinic

Dr Zabeeh adds that ‘even confident looking men have insecurities about their hair so once they see the results the transformation in their happiness and confidence is very reassuring’.

‘Balding ages you Tommy’ adds and ‘it’s not nice having to worry about your hair and how look every day. I’m delighted with my new hairline as it lets me be me and hopefully I can now have my crown area sorted so looking forward to the results as before’. Danielle waited outside the clinic and reassured Tommy before leaving. She adds that ‘it is amazing what they (British Hair Clinic) can do’.

Tommy Edney - FUE Hair Loss Treatment - British Hair Clinic

Tommy Edney is one of many celebrities and sportsmen who have visited the British Hair Clinic to seek help with their hair loss. Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem. The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant & PRP Hair Treatment At The British Hair Clinic

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