Slaven Bilic Hair Transplant, Former West Ham Manager joins Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Conte

Slaven Bilic is regarded as a West Ham Utd legend. In the premier league era, few managers have meant more (in a good or bad way) than Slaven Bilic does to West Ham Utd. He had many high points as the manager of the hammers, including their famous first premier league win against Liverpool at Anfield.

His time at the London Stadium managing West Ham Utd had a significant impact on his hair. After a difficult start of the season 2015-2016, meant Slaven was under pressure from all angles. Fans, media and even some players had lost faith in him. The stress generated by managing West Ham Utd at the time was affecting him and his hair loss was becoming more and more apparent.

Eventually he took the decision to have a hair transplant, following in the footsteps of Wayne Rooney, Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Conte. Even David Beckham has been rumoured to have sought help for his famous mane.

We all still remember Gary Linker tweet following Bilic’s appearance as a commentator for ITV Channel during the 2016 Euro Tournament. It was quite an improvement!

Few months after his hair transplant, the former West Ham United’s manager looked younger with a natural hair line and great hair growth. We at British Hair Clinic, are delighted that he has managed to achieve a better-looking hair line and wish Slaven Bilic happiness and success in the future. Once a hammer, always a hammer. Come back Slav!

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