Pakistan Cricket Team Mood Boosted Thanks To PRP Therapy At British Hair Clinic

After the heartbreaking defeat against India. Pakistan National Cricket team’s bowling Coach, Azhar Mahmood visited us at the British Hair Clinic for his 3 months review following his FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Shuja at our clinic in Brentwood.

When you loose a such important game against your eternal rival, you need that extra boost of confidence required to talk with belief to the players in the dressing room. And at British Hair Clinic we were happy to help Azhar get there through his PRP hair treatment, part of his hair transplant package. And we are proud that it’s not only stimulating the hair growth, but also their national team’s spirit leading them to a well deserved win against South Africa.

During his visit to the clinic, we could feel how determined the Pakistan bowling coach was to bring happiness and pride to all the fans. Azhar Mahmood also expressed how happy he was with his hair growth only 3 months following his hair transplant at the British Hair Clinic in Essex. We are looking forward to receiving him again at the clinic for in few months for his next review. By the time, we wish him and his team all the best of luck against New Zealand and a very succesful world cup compaign.

Azhar Mahmood is one of many sportsmen and celebrities who have visited the British Hair Clinic to seek help with their hair loss. Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem. The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery.

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