Michael Greco ‘Beppe’ EastEnders Legend Hair Transplant

Michael Greco - EastEnders Legend 'Beppe' - Hair Transplant Treatment - British Hair Clinic

Michael Greco 'Beppe Di Marco' EastEnders Legend

EastEnders legend and TV celebrity, Beppe (Michael Greco) undergoes 3rd hair transplant at the British Hair Clinic to correct previous botched surgeries.

Michael Greco, famously known as ‘Beppe’ has sought help from the British Hair Clinic to correct what he called ‘previous botched hair transplant surgeries done elsewhere’. Having suffered from hair loss since his EastEnders days, Michael had two previous surgeries that left him feeling down and knocked his confidence. In order to cover the poor results, he relied on use of artificial fibres and wore hats to cover the hair loss.

Michael Greco - Hair Loss Treatment - British Hair Clinic
Michael Greco - Eastenders - Hair Loss Treatment - British Hair Clinic

Michael’s 3rd hair transplant to correct previous surgeries

He sent photos to the clinic showing just how bad the hair loss had got and how despite promises of a full head of hair, he was left relying on fake hair fibres to cover the gaps and scars from previous surgeries. On top of this he had tattooing on his scalp to try and hide the gaps and scarring from hair transplant disasters.

Hair Transplant's At The British Hair Clinic

Michael sought help from the British Hair Clinic to correct his previous ‘hair transplant disasters’ having been ‘advised by many friends, including celebrities who have sought help with their hair loss at the celebrity favoured clinic in Brentwood, Essex’. There he was assessed by celebrity hair transplant surgeon, Dr Zabeeh at the British Hair Clinic and was told that ‘the previous surgeries had left his scalp very scarred and hair looking very sparse’. The donor area (where hair is taken from) was ‘over-harvested’ meaning too many hair follicles were removed leaving very little to work with. Michael had asked for a hairline correction as that is ‘essentially the first thing people see and help him with his acting career’.

With Michael the surgeon had to carefully navigate his scalp to ‘ensure an adequate amount of hair could be removed using the new FUE Hair transplant technique’. Dr Zabeeh added that ‘thankfully we were able to extract a reasonable amount of hair and create what will be a new hairline as he virtually had no hair growth from the previous two surgeries. Although different to a new patient undergoing their first surgery with us, we think we achieved with Michael what could reasonably be expected given his past surgeries’.

Regarding botched cosmetic surgery in general, celebrity hair transplant surgeon Dr Zabeeh added that unfortunately with ‘so many clinics propping up offering price-beating miracles, quality of care is being compromised. Patients are increasingly contacting the British Hair Clinic asking to have corrective hair transplant surgery for botched procedures elsewhere. Although it’s possible to help most patients, the success of corrective surgery is hampered by the fact that botched surgery can leave the scalp scarred meaning corrective attempts may not be as successful’.

Patients are advised to do their homework on the clinic and speak to genuine patients who have had operations at the clinics before deciding to go ahead with any form of surgery.

Michael Greco - 'Beppe Di Marco' EastEnders Legend - Hair Transplant - British Hair Clinic
Michael Greco - FUE Hair Transplant - British Hair Clinic

Following his surgery Michael was ‘delighted with how the surgery went. ‘It was much smoother, more professional, the surgeon Dr Zabeeh clearly knew what he was doing and it was a much more enjoyable, relaxing day than what I have experienced before. I recommend the British Hair Clinic to everyone, its local and they know their stuff’.

Michael Greco is one of many sportsmen and celebrities who have visited the British Hair Clinic to seek help with their hair loss. Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem. The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery.

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