James DeGale, MBE visits the British Hair Clinic for his FUE Hair Transplant review

We had the pleasure of receiving James DeGale’s visit ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr. on Saturday 23rd of march at the O2.

For his 6 months review after undergoing a FUE Hair Transplant at the British Hair Clinic by Dr Shuja, the IBF Super-Middleweight Champion & Olympic Gold Medallist expressed how delighted he was with the results and told us how he feels more confident following his procedure.

James also received his second PRP treatment session to help improve the hair growth. This is what he had to say about his experience with British Hair Clinic :

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Anybody considering having treatment for hair loss is advised to undergo a consultation to discuss their concerns and suitability for hair transplantation surgery or restoration treatments.

The British Hair Clinic offers free consultations allowing people to learn more about the various options available to them before undergoing any treatment.

The clinic is happy to answer questions and concerns people may have about their hair.

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