Afro Hair And Curly Hair

Can you do hair transplant on curly and afro hair types?

Simple answer yes. Curly hair and afro-hair is more trickier than straight hair types. This is because the roots of the hair are often curly and do not appear in straight lines. This makes the work of the surgeon and his surgical assistants more difficult. The roots can be more difficult to find and extract. This can make the procedure more difficult and take more time than straight hair types.

Therefore, achieving good results in difficult hair types isn’t as easy. It is often the reason why some hair transplant surgeons and clinic’s refuse to do hair transplants on afro-hair types or curly hair. Rest assured, at the British Hair Clinic, our skilled surgeons and their assistants are trained to deal with afro-hair and curly hair types. See some the amazing afro-hair type results we achieve routinely at the British Hair Clinic.

Afro Hair Transplant - FUE Hair Transplant - British Hair Clinic
Afro & Curly Hair Transplant - FUE Hair Transplant - British Hair Clinic

What truly makes Us Different?

Unlike other hair transplant clinics in the industry, our FUE hair transplant surgery and hair regrowth treatments are done in a single day. We ensure that our patients receive aftercare so that we can monitor their progress and intervene as needed. Our consistent standard of excellent results sets our surgeons and team apart.

By visiting our website and Instagram @britishhairclinic you will see that so many of our patients are more than delighted with their results and feel happy to give video testimonials and not just before and after pictures which can be easily manipulated.

We encourage every patient to come and meet us in person and see how we can help.

Patient-Focused Approach

​Every step of our hair transplant and hair regrowth procedures are designed with one thing in mind, and that is you. We understand how unnerving it may be to go through the decision-making process and to select a clinic for your hair transplant, that is why we always make ourselves available to discuss your concerns in a friendly and relaxed environment.

The British Hair Clinic are here to assure you that you can have the most streamlined, comfortable and straightforward FUE hair treatment and hair regrowth procedures when you are making your choice. We have worked hard to build our reputation of trust and quality, and we are prepared to work just as hard to keep it.